Quality bike servicing is the bottom line here at Rat Race Cycles. All our mechanics are qualified to Cytech level 2 as a minimum, and Pete, our founder and owner, holds the highest qualification available in the industry, the complete Cytech level 3. Between us, we’ve had extensive training in all aspects of bike servicing, including more complex jobs like disc brake servicing, electronic drive trains and exotic and specialised wheel builds, and working with other very high-end components. Obviously, technology moves on, and we ensure we keep abreast of the latest developments through manufacturers’ briefings, trade exhibitions and industry seminars.

We offer a range of services through our workshop – we aim to be competitive with other London bike shops, but do make sure you know what you’re paying for. Our service options typically comprise more than most of our major competitors.

Our most basic service is the Checkover service. This costs £55 and is what you need if you just want someone to look your bike over and make sure it’s safe and roadworthy.  As part of this service, we will:

  • check headset, bottom bracket and hubs for correct adjustment;
  • check wheels;
  • check and adjust brakes for optimum operation;
  • check drive train for wear;
  • check and adjust gears for optimum operation;
  • check general frame and fork alignment;
  • check all other bolts

A General service from Rat Race Cycles costs £110. This is easily our most popular service option, and we recommend that your bike has a general service every six months, especially if you are commuting on it. If you think that sounds expensive, it’s worth remembering that an annual zone 1-2 travelcard will cost more than seven times that much!

As part of a General service, we will:

  • check, lube and adjust headset, bottom bracket and hub bearings;
  • remove, check and true both wheels and clean braking surfaces;
  • check frame and fork alignment and for damage and wipe down;
  • clean, lube and adjust brake levers and calipers, clean cables, replace cables and pads if necessary;
  • remove, deep clean, re-fit, lube and adjust drive train and gear mechs, replace cables chain and/or cassette if nec;
  • check crank bolts and chainring bolts;
  • check tyres for wear and fit;
  • check handlebars, stem, seatpost, saddle for torque, alignment and damage;

We also offer a comprehensive Full service for the serious rider (or to completely overhaul a bike). Contact us for more information on what is involved, and for prices.

We’ve listed some of the more common services we provide, along with their prices, below; but do bear in mind that every job, like every bike, is different. The best thing you can do to get a clear idea of what a Rat Race service will cost you is to email us or give us a call on 020 7732 1933, so we can discuss your bike’s needs.

Wheel truing service – £20/wheel (replacement spokes typically £1 each)
Replace bottom bracket – £25
Replace headset – £25
Puncture repair (tyre/tube change) – £16 (inc tube)
Retape bars – £15 (not inc tape)
Replacing cables, full set – £30
Replacing cable, one – £10
Complete wheel build – see Wheels for more info on our sister company Owen Wheels. Prices do vary for wheel builds, but typically come in at about £85 a pair (not including components), or £45 each

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