Pete founded Rat Race Cycles after several years working as a mechanic in major London bike shops, working with, and learning a lot from, some great mechanics. He progressed fast, and within 18 months of starting in the industry became a workshop manager himself. He managed a number of busy workshops, for both large chains and independent shops, before setting up Rat Race Cycles’ first iteration as a mobile workshop in 2008.

Demand for Pete’s services grew and grew, however, and at the very end of 2012, he opened his first bricks and mortar shop in Nunhead, an area very close to his heart. What formed the core of the mobile servicing business was the belief that a specialised service means knowing your mechanic, trusting their expertise and being able to rely on the quality of their work. A specialised service is personal, and to this day Rat Race Cycles’ personal service and expertise is still at the heart of what we do.

Pete holds a complete Cytech 3 qualification, and is also a qualified Cyclefit bike fitter.

Nelsy (they / he) joined us in 2018 from a track racing (and excellent cycle café) background and quickly learned the ways of gear whispering. They’ve gone from strength to strength in servicing skill and are looking forward to racing again.

Jim and Pete go waay back, having worked together as workshop managers of adjacent branches of Evans in Waterloo! Jim’s also a Cytech 3 mechanic, track expert, tubular tyre specialist and Proper Mountain Biker.

Dag has a diverse background involving software project management and cheese selling, but he’s happiest on a bike with lumpy tyres and a bivvy strapped to it, far from civilisation.

Henry is a classically-trained singer, Jiu Jitsu expert and fixie rider. He’s also superb at making sure your bike is thoroughly looked after and you’re most likely to see him somewhere near the front of the shop.

Zara left a career in TV and film to follow her love of bikes to Rat Race Cycles. She’s the other person who’s likely to greet you at the door, and is working on becoming the fastest puncture-fixer in the West…

Billy was actually Rat Race Cycles’ first shop employee, our Saturday kid, back in 2012. Since then he’s worked seasons in the snow, run busy and successful kitchens and helped people buy the right ski and outdoor kit. We’re very glad he’s back with us using his bike-fixing skills, at least until the next big adventure calls.

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